Black Gold Farms

Black Gold Farms was started in the Red River Valley of North Dakota as a certified seed potato operation in 1928. Table-stock potatoes were later added and in 1959, the company began selling potatoes into the chip trade. The company continues to supply all three types of potato products, plus an assortment of other crops, but produces potatoes primarily for the potato chip market. More than half a billion pounds of potatoes are shipped each year. Learn more about the history of Black Gold Farms.

A global production, sales and service operation, Black Gold Farms is known for its innovative technology in potato production and handling, and research is important component of its crop production.

Over the years, the company has expanded its operations to be nearer to its major markets and currently has more than 20,000 acres in production at potato farm locations across the United States.

In addition to our own production capabilities, Black Gold Farms contracts with a network of other growers, adding to our product supply and providing even greater service and diversity to our customers.

Chipping or processing potatoes

Chipping or processing potatoes

Potatoes grown specifically for the potato chip industry.

Table-stock potatoes

Table-stock potatoes

  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Fresh potatoes grown specifically for retail and foodservice.

Seed potatoes

Seed potatoes

Certified seed potatoes.

Other crops

While Black Gold Farms specializes in potatoes, primarily for the potato chip industry, the company also grows a number of additional crops at its farm locations across the United States, including:

Small grains

  • Wheat grown for the baking industry
  • Soybeans grown for seed as well as commercial sale
  • Corn grown for livestock feed as well as the ethanol industry

Other vegetables

  • Green beans grown for the frozen and processing markets

Black Gold Farms continually looks for ways to leverage our systematic approach and geographic diversity into new areas that complement our core business.

For more information on:

Chipping or processing potatoes, contact:
Danielle Golden, Executive VP of Sales
Mobile: 701-739-5806

John Halverson, Chief Operating Officer
Mobile: 870-215-8116

Seed potatoes, contact:
Kevin Waller, Seed Procurement/Sales
Mobile: 701-739-3622

Other crops, contact:
Jason Chandler, Director of New Crop Development
Mobile: 386-590-6288