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We grow more than potatoes
Black Gold Farms

A multi-generation, family owned organization firmly planted in North Dakota’s Red River Valley more than 80 years ago, Black Gold Farms has evolved into a global potato production, sales and service company and industry leader. We are the nation’s largest supplier of chip potatoes.

What's in a name?

The name "Black Gold" was adopted in 1965 when the family entered the registered Angus cattle business. "Black" symbolized the fertile, truly deep ebony black soil deposited by Ice Age glaciers and the Black Angus hide. The "Gold" represented the golden chip potato skin and potential value of the newly named company.

Today, our extensive network of operations is made up of some of the best in the business—highly skilled individuals who put their minds to work each and every day to find new and better ways to serve Black Gold Farms customers, vendors and land partners.

And with 17,000 acres in production in 11 states around the country, we put down roots in each of our farm communities and cultivate relationships built on honesty, reliability and value.

We deliver more than a high quality product

Agriculture, by nature, is an unpredictable business. Ensuring the shipment of more than half a billion pounds of quality potatoes each year requires innovation along with careful planning and quick thinking.

Providing our customers with exceptional service is just the way we do business at Black Gold Farms. We do it by utilizing superior technology, round-the-clock vigilance and flawless execution—to lower costs and increase efficiency, combat weather and disease, reduce bruising, stabilize temperature, extend the life of a potato and nourish the land—all while maximizing the productive capability of every single acre.

So even when nature doesn’t cooperate, we do.

Sustainability is a time-honored tradition at Black Gold Farms—we have been supporting its basic tenets since Hallie Halverson planted his first crop of potatoes on the home farm near Forest River, N.D., in 1928.

We see sustainability as a three-legged stool: environmental, social and economic.

To farmers, land is the most precious resource and we are committed to protecting and improving it every day. We embrace land management, base our decisions on the best science available and continually seek ways to improve efficiencies, practice conservation and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are just as committed to the communities where Black Gold Farms employees live and work. These are our homes. We are members of the churches. Our children attend the schools. We serve on boards and committees and provide financial support to everything from FFA to the arts.

In addition to being good stewards of the land and good citizens, we must also be a financially sustainable company. We owe it to our employees, our communities, our vendors and our customers.

Together, we not only sustain ourselves and the land we cultivate, we help feed the world.